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We are open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm & Saturdays 9am-4pm, by phone @ (416)458-6427. Use our "Contact Form" at other times. Serving your special jigsaw puzzle and custom framing needs since 2013. Located in north Ajax, servicing the Durham and surrounding regions.

Boxless Jigsaw Puzzles...

"Did I just read that right?" In short, yes, you did! 

Sometimes jigsaw puzzles boxes arrive so damaged (either because of weather or handling, or both!) that it just wouldn't be possible to present to our customers without its protective shell, so to speak. At Puzzle Assembly, we decided to repackage them in a box, attach a photo of the puzzle on its cover and make it look brand new just for you. The puzzle has not been removed from its original packaging bag so there will be no missing pieces:) We are offering these "Boxless" puzzles at a drastically reduced price. 

Take a look and see what we have available and then use the Contact Form to place your order and receive your "Boxless" puzzle :) 

All 3 images below are the recreations of paintings by Josephine Wall.

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